Wednesday, March 4, 2009

1-2-3 kick the bucket

Apparently, just volunteering and helping local communities is like trying to soak up the water from the Mississippi river with a towel.. or something to that affect. In order to drain that river we've got to get some really powerful equipment, block more water from coming in and some severely influential people have to get a hold of some gigantic super pumps and throw them in? I think that is the goal. I suppose this part of the book is saying that it is sort of like wasting time helping individuals when you could be doing something to change the cause of the problem. even if it saves a few lives, we are capable of preventing the people from doom to begin with.
That seems like one tough demand. I know that it would be the ideal thing to happen but people don't seem to band together very well in this society. Honestly has the world EVER not had problems and homeless. I can think of a time... The time of the dinosaurs? Well anyhow, I truly believe that things could get worse, even with all the patch work. It seems to me like only few people really grasp things taught or even care or even care to care. Society is a mess with backwards priorities. It's pretty sad when people choose TV or drugs or addictions over other people. Somehow, if the country is different in 50 years and people begin to appreciate each other, then maybe we won't have as many problems. May seem a little harsh but I suppose I'll find out when I'm old eh? Til then, I suppose we can all just keep helping and teaching and influencing others maybe we can be like a plague for the good ;) .

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Enrique Cardon said...

I love your metaphor!!!!!!!! Did you come up with it on your own? But I totally agree, it is sad when some people choose some nasty habits such as drugs, instead of choosing to help other people.