Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"We cannot break through with new concepts if we are still stuck with old mindsets. That is why the youth have to think big, think ambitiously and think with courage,"
There are couple stories that grabbed my attention. One was being Julia Devin story, in which her joining an effort brought threat to her actions and jeopardized relationships in order to meet her vision in El Salvador. Her actions inspired people in to not losing hope in the human spirit. As well, as Klansmen C.P. Ellis, by giving him an opportunity he eventually altered his life perception. People that are interested in progressive social change need to explor different issues, ideas, solutions, organizing, methods, challenges and opportunities.

Couple months ago I read a book by Muhammad Yunus a
Nobel Peace Prize winner, Bangladesh banker and economist. He is the innovator of micro credit, a program that is responsible for improving poverty of millions of individuals. He talks about overcoming others’ initial pessimism about microcredit. He challenges corporations and individuals to become agents of change for a better global economy. He describes strategies for building bridges between business success and social change. One of his accomplishments was partnering up with food processor Danone creating a healthy yogurt that helped malnutrition kids in Bangladesh. Grameen has also launched a number of joint ventures with major corporations one being with Intel in creating information technology for the poor. Lastly he has overcome huge obstacles in his efforts to alleviate poverty in his country. When banks refused to grant loans to the poor for lack of reliable security, Mr Yunus came forward and offered himself as a reliable sponsor. Very soon, he was able to change the pattern of loan grants in his country by introducing quick and easy methods to obtain loans. I believe collaboration between people is essential to the success for resolving social issues in our society. One cannot do with out the other.

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TylerMitchell said...

Wow man, that sounds like an interesting book; what is it called? Served as a great illustration for your blog too. Nice job amigo.