Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blog 3..

The Standford student didn't necessarily mean that his grandchildren had to volunteer at the exact homeless shelter that he did. What he meant is that hopefully his grandchildren get to experience change and service learning rather than reading it from a text book or learning about it from a story. How will any one know what its like to volunteer unless they actually did volunteer. Too many times people get wrapped up in their small world filled up of problems that seem so important at the time, when really there are issues going on outside of their bubble that need to be addressed. I unfortunately do not think that we can solve the problem of homelessness in my time. I do believe however that if our community would step out into the world and realize that what is happening right now can and will affect their grandchildren. It almost seems as if some enormous catastrophe has to occur for our country to become united. We all get gung-ho and then time passes and bills not being paid or so n so didn't make it to church yesterday becomes more important than the minor recession and the fact that people are losing their homes left and right. The problems we are dealing with right now are our own problems that we brought upon ourselves, we alone are responsible for changing it. We can not do it individually, but we can do it together.


Jessica Wolf said...

I completely agree with everything that you have said. We do need to start the change within us, and than gather others with the same passion and search for a solution to our problems. Nothing changes overnight, we just need to have faith that what we are doing will eventually lead to a better society.

AshleeHenderson said...

Amen sista! I totally agree with everything you said. Volunteering is life changing and is something everyone should experience. It is 100% different when reading about it than actually doing it.