Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Hope For Change Or Make It Happen

I think this Standford story is very uplifting and inspiring. I think that the gentleman had very good intentions of wanting his grandchildren to have the experience that he has had, because if there is still issues in our society when generation after us come along I would hope that they would still want to be involved.

The true question is how long are we going to wait and hope to see the change that we truly want to see. Why don't we stop the poverty and discrimination that so many want to see diminished. If every generation says I hope this changes and never really enforce it then wont the world continue to make adjustments, but never change. This kind of goes back to evaluating whether or not you as a person of the community that needs direct satisfaction or you are ok with being in a situation for the long hull. Eventually though the dream that people have announced needs to become reality and by always hoping for the change will not get us to that point. So I see where the gentleman is coming from by hoping that his grandchildren get involved,but I think it would define a generation more if they made the change that is needed permanently so that we could eliminate social issues.

Now I understand that there will always be social classes which may make it very hard to make permanent change but what if today's homeless could become the poor, living pay check to pay check but at least have a roof over their head and food on their tables. That would at least be a positive change. This Standford story defiantly has given an outlook to where our society sits always "hoping" for the best and for change, but eventually we need to make it reality!!!!

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