Monday, March 2, 2009

Make this Promise too

Americans take for granted what they are privileged to do. As Americans, we can say whatever we want to say, we can join whatever group we desire, and we can tell the government what we don't like about them. If we don't like that the number of homeless people is increasing, then we need to do something about it! But Americans are so self centered that actually standing up for what they believe is right, is way too "inconvenient". The Stanford student was trying to get across that volunteering is a wonderful thing. It is a way to help make a difference in our future. He did not mean he wants his grandchildren working in the same shelter and for homelessness to still be in the same dilemma they are in currently. I feel it was rather a metaphor stating that by serving your country as a good citizen, America can improve. If more citizens volunteered at a shelter or an organization, taught Sunday school, joined a club, helped with a community project, worked with the elderly,or even took out the trash for a neighbor, America would improve and selflessness would become more exposed to the public eye.

It seems that in America selfishness has become a way of life. No one cares about their neighbors the way they did fifty years ago. I'm even guilty of this, I don't even know the names of my own neighbors that live three houses down. America has become more selfish every year. Everyone is about money and power.

But then why are college students encouraged to engage in social involvement? I feel that it is up to our generation to change this way of life in America! If we, as college students, can make a single foot print in displaying selflessness, then I feel that younger generation will do the same. And hopefully one day, we will not be fighting homelessness, abusive relationships, pollution of the earth, or even rudeness to an elder.

I sadly do not think that homelessness will be gone by the time my grandchildren are my age. But I am very optimistic that lives will improve and the percentage of homelessness will decrease. I have made a promise to myself since reading this book, I promise to show my children the importance of service and how you can grow from the simplest experience of making some one's day better. I hope in return that they will show their children and so on. To combat homelessness will take time, a lot of time. But we must start the footprint! We must lead my example and encourage children to follow in our foot steps.

And by this, serious issues will gradually dissolve.


bowker3273 said...

I like your views, especially acknowledging that things probably wont change too much later on. You write like you talk with exclamations and different accents on particular phrases. lol

Dr. V said...

I completely agree. I don't know my neighbors either and I feel like they haven't made the effort, why should I. This is horrible because when I was little, I knew all of my neighbors. Maybe it was because we lived in a place with no cement walls to separate. There were no fences between houses.

As for homelessness, I'm not sure if it will ever be changed, unless the government focuses on US problems instead of getting involved with wars that cannot be won and spending a ridiculous amount of money on things that won't make a difference.

Lewis Jr. said...

I like your idea of making a promise to your self and others that you will pass on your ideals of what it means to be a citizen. As for my children they will see what the world is like and will be encouraged to help the poor. I will stress that they must provide evidence for their claims of injustice. I will also tell them that kindness will always open doors. You never know who you will meet. As far as, the homless goes, in order for our society to prosper there must be classes and some will be poor or homeless. That is just the way it is.