Wednesday, March 11, 2009

REACH OUT........

"The more we listen to those who experiences and perspectives are unfamiliar, the more we realize what draws us together"? If we are unable to branch out of our own security, we may never discover the new and exciting relationships that we can develop with people who can teach us new things. Many, if not all of us tend to make a pre-judgements about others before we even have a chance to talk with them. We might take a few nervous steps back because someone looks unique or presents themselves in a different manner. If we are not able to take those steps towards getting to know new pepople then we may never have the chance to see how similar we may actually be. I believe that knowing a variety of people really does make a difference about how you looks at life and its situations. This SLICE program is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort and get to know those whom you may never have taken a second look at because we sometimes fear the unfamiliar. My favorite example from this chapter would have to be Hazel Wolf's story. Although someone views religion differently than I do, there is no harm is being defensive and making assumptions. Tall or short, young or old, black or white, we all have a right to be who we are, but we are all still people that deserve to be treated with kindness. I challenge you all to step outside of that comfort zone on this trip and make a new friend in California, friendships can travel across the states just as easily as we can! Game on!

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