Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Embrace each other's differences

Dang it. I just realized that, once again, my post did not go through. So here it is for the second time:
"The more we listen to those whose experiences ane perspectives are unfamiliar, the more we realize what draws us together." I think that what Loeb ment by this statement was that we all need to embrace each other's differences and accept each other for who we are, and, in return, we will learn so much. This quote reminds me of the very common phrase of: "opposites attract."
Because when we meet new people, they may be the complete opposites of us, however, for some reason or another, we become closer to each other. We need to enjoy other's differences and learn from them. If all we did every day was hang out with people who were EXACTLY like us, it would be so boring and we would never learn anything new. Instead, we need to talk to those who have different perspectives than us and who have gone through different experiences and we will learn so much from them!

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Morgan Baugus said...

I thought of the same phrase, "opposites attract"! Great post and picture to go along :)