Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last post before San Diego!

I think the one about the students at the university of Nebraska is a good example. The students banded together in order to address the problem of family farms. As they recruited new people, their became a rift in the group of students. Those who had more knowledge of farming issues found it hard to work with those who were not as well educated on the topic. The problem can be solved if those students who are more experienced guide those students who are not.

This story in particular reminds me of my first year in SLICE. Last year when I first signed up, I had no real experience with community service, and I had no clue of the problems in the world. This made me feel like I was far dumber and less experienced in the class, and because of it I had a hard time getting to know people. Luckily, during the trip, those who were more experienced stood by my side and helped me learn what they knew. Because of this we were able to have an amazing trip, help people in San Diego, and better ourselves.

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bowker3273 said...

Enrique I liek how quickly you get your message across. I write a page length, you do it in two small paragraphs! Lol straitforward.

But, I am glad you learned from an experience like this and decided to be a leader this year, hopefully it will be better than last?