Wednesday, March 11, 2009

there's always a spark that's redeemable

I particularly found the story of Julia Devin very interesting and inspiring. The story talks about Julia’s struggle alongside a physician and an activist to obtain medical neutrality in El Salvador during the turmoil years of civil war. She and her comrades decided to talk with the US military commanders whose actions were endangering the innocent lives. They had the courage to speak with such intimidating authorities about the complex issue. Her efforts helped to reach a medical neutrality agreement which was a step towards peace. I agree with Julia when she says that, “everyone has a spark inside them that’s redeemable, even if they’ve never done a single decent act in their lives.” This belief helped her overcome the challenging task of dealing and reaching an agreement with the “enemy.” This means that even if a person might seem unchangeable, there’s still a chance for change inside them.
I think life is full of situations where one meets somebody whose ideas and beliefs are the complete opposite. Situations like during physics class where you debate about what formula to use, you think you’re right, your classmate thinks they are right. Who’s wrong, who’s right? The only way is to interact with each other, learn and understand the problem and find the solution. Taking the step forward to deal with people who have a completely different ideal than you might sometimes become overwhelming. However, a simple gesture of understanding and willingness to both share and listen can be the small step taken towards reaching an agreement.

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Enrique Cardon said...

Wow, I would never have thought of comparing life to physics... but that was very clever. And you are right, the only way to know what the right way of doing something is by taking a chance and trying it out.