Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Experience Is The Best Teacher

I think the lesson of this story is that, to really learn something you must experience it. It takes more that n just a twenty minute video, a rambling professor, or reading a 400 page book for some to really understand something. That is why the Stanford student wanted his grandchildren to volunteer at the same homeless shelter as he did, because the experience there was a huge eye opener for him.

A society in which people do not have to sleep in shelter or be homeless would require people to lose their selfish ways. People would have to stop being so greedy for money. Also it would require people to spend a few of their off days supporting this cause, maybe by help building a house. Home owners that rent their houses out could lower the rent.

To be honest I don't think that we can have a world in which no one is homeless. People are just too selfish and caught up in their own lives to ever make something like that happen. Also people might just think that the homeless are just lazy people, so that might deter them from even considering helping the homeless.

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