Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obiettivo Comune

Working with different groups that might not share your ideas in order to work on a social action could be difficult but not impossible. I think it is crucial to talk and listen to others so we can expose our ideas. Otherwise, these ideas or beliefs will just remain with the ones who support us and not with others that have different than ours.

An example that I really liked was of C. P. Ellis, a man who joined the Ku Klux Klan because even though he had worked hard, he was not able to go nowhere. For a long time, he organized angry groups and fought against school integration. During this time, he noticed that the city council members of the Klan called him up when they needed someone to shout down blacks but ignored him when they passed on the street. He felt he was being used by these people and something inside of him changed.

Ellis was invited to participate in the AFL-CIO labor organization and after some time, he became the co chair the group. Ellis worked along a black lady named Ann Atwater whom he “hated with a purple passion” in order to lead civil rights boycotts and protests. One day, both of their children came home crying because their parents were collaborating with the enemy. That is when Ellis understood that along with Anna they were sharing a commonality. Ever since then, they became good friends bringing young whites and blacks together against employers who had oppressed their common distrust.

Ellis changed his life and finally he worked for the benefit of those African American that were oppressed by members of the Klan. He had to work along people who did not share the same ideas as him but, at the end, he understood their point and started to work for their cause. I really do like his journey because he became the protector after being the aggressor and that is something really remarkable to recognize.

During my short life, I have seen people who lead very different lives than mine. From people who live in remote areas and in poor conditions to people who live in abundance. As a person that comes from another country, I been exposed to different lifestyles and customs. In addition, I have encountered people who have very different points of view in a certain subject than mine. I find that very interesting because once I listen to their views I am able not only to understand them better but also, I am able to compare my ideas and beliefs to theirs. This world is very diverse and if we could only be open minded we could be able to understand one another better.

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