Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"The more we listen to those who experiences and perspectives are unfamiliar, the more we realize what draws us together." This quote went right along with the story Loeb talks about with the Atheist. This 100 year old environmentalist named Hazel Wolf was able to connect with a Christian audience.  The more the audience listened to her the more they feel in love with her. Despite the differences the audience and Wolf had similarities.

I believe in our culture we are tought to disinclude and shut down what we hear from those with different beliefs or different behaviors.

I know this was true in my own life. Ironically, I would always not want to hear from people that were not Christians. If I was friends with a person and found out later in my friendship that they where of a different religion then I would try to avoid that person. I would do this because I thought that it was either going to be "my way" or "no way." Then I came to a realization that God would really not be proud of me. He wants all his children to be saved and come to him with repentance so he can forgive them. He really doesn't want me to ignore people, he wants me to minister and bring the lost to him. God is good. He opened my eyes to see that I should not disclose myself but open myself up so I can recieve a chance to become closer with others.

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