Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shut up!

If you just listen to someone you don't particularly seem to agree with, you might find that not everything they say is just about trying to appose you. You might find some common ground if you listen. When you listen to them, they are more likely to listen to you and it'll be easier to compromise. I went to a few student government meetings at school last semester to represent the Spanish club on campus and felt a lot of tension between certain people. Someone at the table told us(the Spanish club reps) to appose everything that one of the other members had proposed just because they didn't listen to them in the past when they proposed something. The 2 members of the meeting seemed to be at each others throats just because of dislike. They didn't listen to each others concerns, just the parts they could argue about. On the flip side, our club listened and brought up concerns from both sides. Even though we just reiterated what was already said, it made them less hostile and the conflicts were resolved. Though the author seems to be anti conservative, he found that not every issue they present is against his own views. He was able to find some common ground. So, just listen every once and a while.

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Enrique Cardon said...

Its amazing how listening can solve so many problems. Even if it is someone we don't like, then maybe we can just listen and find out that they are not so bad.