Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whether it be cynical or realistic, I believe the issues of poverty, homelessness, discrimination, crime, injustice, etc. are unfortunately "never-ending battles". This does not mean that because they exist, they should be overlooked. It just means we must have more determination towards and genuine care for others and the tasks that have been rendered impossible. We shouldn't be discouraged by the fact that we may not be able to solve every problem, but rather encouraged by the lives we can change.
Not only does social involvement and community service tend to those in need, but also changes the lives of those helping. I believe this is what the Stanford student meant. Realistically, when his grandchildren or my grandchildren are alive homelessness will still exist. Our job in the present is to determine whether issues such as homelessness will worsen or better in the future. It is to share our stories and involve others in the rewarding tasks of community service. The only way to bring a stop to issues such as homelessness is to get everyone involved. In order to get everyone involved, we must bring awareness. As some have stated in their blogs, awareness does not always work when taught in a classroom, it must be experienced. In order to experience an issue, it must exist (i.e. homelessness). Therefore, stating that social issues exist and always will, is not looking at the glass half-empty, but rather half-full. It is realizing the endless possibilities for personal growth of both parties by experiencing the love and gratefulness from those who may have otherwise been "invisible" to each other.
The Invisible People

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