Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Words Can't Compete With Actions

The story of the good atheist talks about a woman named Hazel Wolf. She is an atheist and says the only reason she has the beliefs she does is because it was passed down from generation to generation just like all other religions. What she is trying to get across here is that it doesn’t matter what you believe but rather who you are and what you do. She tells how there are those who are Christians but are still bad people. Hazel still contributed many years of her life to bettering the world even though she didn’t have the religious beliefs that pulled her into it. She helped with kid’s welfare, Medicaid, and many environmental organizations throughout her life. Religion is only what people claim to be, but it’s their actions that show who they truly are. I liked this story because it is very true. I have never liked those who go to church just for the public appearance they want to uphold. Going to church and calling yourself a Christian doesn’t work if you can’t back it up by your actions.

The rest of this question nearly sums up my life. I have never once been able to consider myself part of one group. I have been friends with every type of person and have always been open to new situations. I have learned to never turn down a new experience no matter how strange or crazy it may sound. I have done things that most would never imagine doing and I have no trouble relating to any type of person. I have always loved getting involved in things that will allow me to open up and see the world in a different light. This world is too big to not expand and allow yourself to grow through these types of experiences. Don’t let diversity scare you away but rather use it to challenge yourself with a new way of living and understanding.

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Lewis Jr. said...

Matt, your ideas are wonderful. I have never been stuck with one group either. It helped me to understand everyone better when I hung out with different people. It's interesting when your able to challenge people and make them think critically of there thoughts and actions.