Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Passing it on

What I took from the story of the Stanford kid was that he was truly changed by his experiences and that all he wanted was for his grandchildren to feel the same. No they didn't have to give themselves to the same cause but what the grandfather should have done is show them a bunch of different options so that they would be able to make their own decision on what they were passionate about. The problem of homelesness is huge and has alot to do to the economic pressures that we suffer. The spread of wealth is greatly disproportionate in this country and what we need to do as people who have been priviliged enough to have parents who helped us get here we should help people who have not had that chance. The thing about that is that many of our peers are not willing to give up their spare time or hard earned money to help these people because they are so wrapped up in themselves and not aware of the issue.That being said even if all of us introduce our grandchildren to serving their communities I do not think that he problem of homelesness will be solved even in their lifetime. But if they pass it on to their children and grandchildren it will create a generational chain and tradition that might eventually make the amount of people who get involved big enough to take care of this problem.

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