Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Understanding Makes Your Point Of View BETTER!

We all have our own view of the world as we grow up. When we are young we think that our parents are the smartest all knowing beings in this universe. We copy everything they say share the same thoughts and are even put into the same religion. As we grow older we start seeing that they are not perfect and that we are not always wrong and we reach the point where we think everything we do or say is right because our own little stupid rationalizations.
Then we reach the present where we start to question our own believes. I have personally chosen to be atheis for example because of my own reasons. I came to have my own reasons only because I understood where other people are coming from and used all these point of views to make what i believe to be the most educated decision. We all have to widen our horizons and in order to do this we have to see other point of views which is one of the things that makes this class and experience so special.

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