Sunday, March 8, 2009

We must work together to create a just world

From this book I have learned that we must find our passion on our lives. We must figure out who we are and what we hold as important within our lives. It is important to take that first step, but you will get much farther when you stand behind a group of people who are just as inspired as you are. In chapter nine, now Loeb is saying that we should widen our circles and allow others to work side-by-side with us even if they don't have the same views as us. For example, the old woman named Hazel Wolf grew up as an atheist. She worked with many different groups through out her life and often got asked why she was an atheist. She simply would remind people that we all must work together for the greater result. Loeb states,"The more we listen to those who experiences and perspectives are unfamiliar, the more we realize what draws us together".

What is drawing us together is our dedication and our passion in life. Behind all controversy, we all have the same idea of helping change the world to a way that we see is correct. Even if we do not want to listen to others that have different views than us (sometimes its almost painful to sit and hear) it is important to be exposed to others views in life. To understand why you feel fully passionate for something, I feel you should know the opposing thoughts. This has been hard for me lately because I am finally concluding on my own passions in life and my own opinions (I'm still developing many of them, but some are concrete). It is hard to sometimes listen to others opposing you because I feel like I'm being rejected for my beliefs. But I have to understand that it is important to hear these thoughts of others because maybe I will change my view once more or feel more strongly about mine own. Its important to work with people who you don't agree with because we are all there for a greater result. As Loeb states" we can't create a just world unless we're willing to work at listening to each other"


bowker3273 said...

Im sorry Amanda, my eyes arnt good enough to read your yellow script. 'Tis a pity and a shame.


Lewis Jr. said...

Good job Amanda, you passion flows through the words on the blog.