Wednesday, March 11, 2009

working together

I hardly ever put myself in positions where I don’t agree with people, mainly because who likes to deal with drama and the stubbornness of others when they already deal with themselves? I do, however, see what Loeb is saying. You can get a lot out of learning your “opponents” beliefs. In Emerging Leaders I learned a lot about controversy with civility. By working with other people’s points of views you can broaden your knowledge of the topic and work together towards that one goal, “change”. I don’t necessarily think that I will become best friends with those who go against my beliefs but I do admire them for their passion and their knowledge. In the book, there are several stories of unlikely allies. One example is that of the Friends of Earth working with the National Taxpayers Union. Both don’t work hand in hand, but the Green Scissors Coalition brought them together and they ended up targeting ecologically damaging corporate welfare projects. They took two companies who would never go together and made change. I believe it is possible to do a lot more when EVERYONE works together. I know this sounds cliché but it’s true. Setting aside differences to work for a common goal would bring about change in so many ways.

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