Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What it is and what it could be

In "A Shelter for My Grandchildlren" , the Stanford student's remark brings to light the issues of our society and how it has changed; however, not necessarily for the good. His simple dream of wanting to have a place where his grandchilren can one day earn the same sense of comradery or self-fullfillment he achieved is a noble one. It also brings in to question why so far in the future should there be a need for such instituons as shelters or soup kitchens? With all of the resources we have as a society, a country, a world even there should not be people without homes or children without parents to nurture them. As we progress, it almost seems human nature to avoid and disregard the needs of others.

The saddest thing about the progression of the world is that the vast majority of people are out for their own gains and personal glory when they should be concerned about the development of the human race as a whole. In previous times, people dedicated their time on a larger scale than they do now. This is becuase their intentions and motivations do not involve or have time to embrace the problems that others face.

Every person goes through a time when they are consumed by their trials and struggles, but they can not get stuck and caught up in themselves. If the world could come together, face our problems, and work on a way to fix them we might not have any of the issues we have now. Anything could happen with the greatest of efforts from every person in the world.

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Morgan Baugus said...

I like what you said about everyone having trials and struggles. I think that those who fail to help, fail to realize/appreciate the help they have received throughout life. We all need someone at one time or another. It's like the golden rule; "Do unto others as you would have done unto you".
Great post Veronica :)