Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hope for the future...

I believed the lesson behind that particular story was that volunteering should be looked about as a opportunity to change peoples lives and create a more idealistic, utopian society . It raises the question,  of why people voulunteer in their communities. Is it to create change for the future or is it to just simply say that he/she voluntered or is it maybe because that particular person needs to complete a certain amount of hours?

I think it would take everybodies effort to create a society where people didn't have to sleep in shelters. It is when the community becomes a team and works together to better the lives of themselves and those around them. Putting away the greed and hatred would help the world become less violent and more peaceful.

Being honest I don't ever see this world coming to a perfect state of being. I believe that there will still be homeless on the streets 30 years down the line. Life might be better and easier when my grandchildren are alive but I don't think the issues and problems will ever disapear.

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AshleeHenderson said...

I like your question about why people volunteer in their communities. That is a very valid question that should be addressed. I think people should be in it for the right reasons and pour their heart into it. It is so much more beneficial for all, if individuals are passionate to make a difference. It is almost not even worth it, if it doesn't matter to them. I think it will show in their work and have a negative effect on others involved. CARE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!