Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Educating Ourselves Is A Step Towards Change

I think that change comes to the sole fact of education. Many people judge the world without truly knowing the issues that are occurring in our society. We judge people based on how the media portrays them, instead of learning about their culture first hand or by people that study different cultures. The things I have learned from the stories and experiences of interaction with different people has truly opened my eyes and allowed me to see how diverse our world truly is. Between the Global Leadership Retreat I attended and the Equiss Retreat the education that I got from everyone showed me all the positives of our diversity. We as society always talk about how boring our world would be if it was just one gray blob, so then why do we just someone because of their color and culture? We all have something too give to this world, some might be good others maybe bad, but why prejudge someone, off of this I think that there are many positives then to allowing different cultures to work together allowing the education process to occur, but not by the biased media, but by someone who lives the culture every day.. The culture in American is always changing and people continue to carry their traditions from generation to generation, so I believe if we take more positive steps to understanding each other we will be able to conquer so much more. So be a positive change and educate yourself, because that is the first step to creating a better world.

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