Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ideal society?

The lesson that I got from the story of the Stanford student is that many people like his friends believe that just because they live in a country that is wealthy like the USA, they are not going to see homeless people in the future. I find the idea to be erroneous. Just because a person lives well, it doesn’t make him/her immune to future problems like the ones we are facing now (economic problems).

An ideal society will have no people sleeping in shelter or in the streets but, is it possible to create one? I personally do not think so. I don’t think we will ever have an ideal society with no problems, not homeless, no violence, no injustices etc. Even though we might like to not see people living on the streets or under bridges, we cannot eliminate factors that will lead people to become homeless. However, I think that the only thing that we can do is offer our help to those in need by becoming involved and volunteering in our communities such as the Stanford student did.

We can volunteer in places that offer special help to those in order to decrease the number of people living in those conditions. I would like to think that the student from Stanford might have thought of this when working in the homeless shelter and therefore hoped that one day his grandchildren can experience what he had from volunteering in the same shelter. Times will pass but problems such as homelessness will still be part of our society and probably the Stanford student knew that.

I hope that by the time my grandchildren come to live in this world, things will get better thanks to the different involvement of today’s society. Things can get better only if we stop being indifferent and start becoming involved.

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