Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Homelessness is an unfortunate part of todays society, we all have seen the homeless man standing on the corner begging for money, or the homeless women sleeping at a bus stop with a shopping cart full or rubbish, but how many thousands of people pass them and never think to themselves of what they can do to help those who are less fortunate. 

Our society has very much a win all-take all mentality, and it is much less common for people to give back to the community. The story of the Stanford kid is a great example of someone, whom was a student of a prestigious school, to take sometime out of his life to give back, but he didn't only stop there. He continued to tell his story and his experiences about what he did and as he said he hopes his grandchildren get to experience that same thing. Thus by telling his story he may have inspired others to give back as well.

In concluding, I hope we can all go out and tell our stories of what we have done, not to brag or be boastful, but inspire those around us to take part in their community as well. Many great leaders of social responsibility didn't start out with any recognition at all, some of them didn't become iconic until they were assassinated such as Mahatma Ghandi and MLK, but their stories inspired others to join their cause.




Sierra Schnoebelen said...

This is so true that everyone sees that one homeless person on the street or at the bus stop, but never really does anything about it. I completely agree. I hope that all of our stories that we tell with our experience on SLICE and what not can help one of those people think twice next time they see that homeless person, any maybe actually take action somehow to do something about it.

Israel Montero said...

Totally agree, this goes with many social issues in our society. We stand, look and talk about the problems but never seem to do anything about them. Homelessness is just one issue that has really been forgotten and has become an issue where it’s normal to just not do anything. Great Job Damon!