Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pulled Together

"The more we listen to those whose experiences and perspectives are unfamiliar, the more we realize what draws us together." I think Loeb means exactly what he says. By listening to to others' experiences we find something about ourselves in their story. This creates a common ground between the person and ourself drawing us close to each other. Not only that but we also gain a new outlook on an topic just by listening to that person, which can helps us understand another person that we might meet in the future. =]

I think a great example from the book would be the story called "Common Air, Common Ground." A story in which two groups of people, United Jewish Organization (UJO) and the El Puente, hated each other due to past conflics, came together for the sake of their children's health.

I think I expose myself to people with very different idea and lead different lives from me all the time. Just by going to school, getting a job, and even taking this class exposes me to people of different backgrounds and ideas. I would even say just being in my family exposes me to very different people. Usually people that are related are somewhat alike, that does not seem to the the case when it comes to my family. Each of us has our own perspective in life and on the world but, we have all lived completely differently lives and shared few experiences with each other.

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Lewis Jr. said...

I totally agree Cedric. When people share their experiences it promotes understanding.