Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Choosing to Evolve

Schools today do not really address volunteerism and advocacy. I think the Stanford student wants his grandchildren to volunteer in the same homeless shelter to expand their views of the community and of the world as a whole. Schools sometimes just address the immediate community, but a homeless shelter addresses needs that expand across states and countries. The grandchildren would learn more about volunteerism, advocacy, and world issues while volunteering in the same homeless shelter than they might in school.

Creating a society without people sleeping in shelters or the streets is a very hard thing to accomplish. It is possible, but it would take a considerable amount of time. Communities would have to give the homeless reasons to create a better life, they have to work and be willing to make their lives better. Next, there would have to be mass fundraising to give the homeless a starting off point financially. Then the homeless should be granted a good chance at obtaining a job to sustain their new living arrangements. Then there would have to be an encouragement group that checks up on these people and make sure everything is going okay, and to fix the problems that are arising again. However, I honestly think that it will take longer than say my grandchildren's lifetime. This is something that will take a very long time. The society needs to evolve, everyone needs to care, and all of the countries in the world would have to come to an agreement. It is a big task that will take a very long time, but it is attainable if the world chooses.

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Morgan Baugus said...

I love your enthusiasm :)
Most others, including myself, rendered the idea of stopping homelessness impossible. If everyone could have your compassion and mindset I believe that we could do great things including creating a society without poverty and homelessness.
Thank you