Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dreams For ...........?

We all dream for a better Future. A future free of homelessness and poverty. That is why we volunteer. That is why we do community service. That is why we have politicians to help solve this problems although more often they don't. We dream of a world better than the one we live presently in.

I think though that the Stanford student was not talking about his grandchildren volunteering at the same homeless shelter he did. I think he was focused more on the experience he got from volunteering. He wanted his Grandchildren to share in this same experience. He understood the fact that there will always be some good left to do in the world. Even if it is opening the door for someone else. Or helping the disadvantaged. He hoped they will get to understand the reason for volunteering and get the same experience he got from it.

He knew that it will take a lot more to eradicate homelessness and poverty from the world. I think he used the term "Grandchildren" because he knew it can not overnight. He realised it will take the collective effort of the whole community to cure our society of the disease present in it. He understood that we will need people who will devote their time to helping out and those who will be the voice for those who cannot be heard. Can this be achieved by the time my grandchildren come, unfortunately no but hopefully by the time they come, we will have community will less homelessness and poverty and more crave to get involved and combat those issues.

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Israel Montero said...

Communities around world face common issues such as improving economic conditions and reducing poverty, revitalizing neighborhoods and the natural environment; tackling chronic diseases largely caused by unhealthy lifestyles; providing access to quality healthcare, and addressing persistent inequities along racial and ethnic lines. And like you stated above, we need to come as a community as whole and take a communutity initiative in order solve social issues. Great job Gozie! :)