Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I believe that what Loeb means is that not everyone is the same and everyone has a different story or opinion on things. If we don’t all listen to everyone else’s perspectives how will we ever know what it is that other people think. He states that an individual may know everything about one way of looking at an issue, but that there is always that new person who has no idea about it, and never would have thought about it in the first place. When we are those “new” people we listen to the different experiences and perspectives and start to base our own opinions on them. That is how everyone being drawn together begins. You start educating each other on your own personal views.
In the story I don’t necessarily want to refer to a specific story where people who didn’t have things in common worked together, but more want to state how they did. Hazel was the sweet little old lady that was known for her humor. She would create situations where she could put in her humorous statement, and could even get people from legislation to laugh. People may have been arguing on an issue, or were showing their different points of views on things but when Hazel stepped in with her jokes it caused everyone to laugh, become less tense, and started to help them work together to make that positive change. People have to go into things not just trying to be so serious where they are going to be stubborn about things, but remember that they are doing something or standing up for something that they love so it’s sometimes ok to laugh in those awkward but serious situations.

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