Thursday, February 5, 2009

As One We Accomplish More Than As Many

Networking is a part of our lifes we all need to do even if some of us don't really want to. Certain tasks that would be nearly impossible to perform alone are made easy by working with others this weekend our group went to help make lunch at a safe house for victims of domestic violence. We made cheesecrisps for these kids and were amazed to find out that a woman did this all by herself. It took six of us an hour to do and we could only imagine how long it took her.
The example that Loeb gives in his book of this woman that came from a culture where women don't go out and change things is inspiring. As much strength as it took from her to change her view of the world and make things happen. It was the people from the group COPS that gave her the courage to stand up for her community.

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Kelsey Hughes said...


I love the fact that you used the faith house as an example. That was a great way to te it into helping others who can't ask for help. I really do think that she appreciated having us there and helping to get the job done quicker!