Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Hold the Power

"When we shrink from the world, our souls shrink, too." This holds true because individuals who sit back and let the world pass by them, miss out on the important things that enrich the soul. Discovering and identifying one's passion, helps them to find their inner self. Bell states that, "silence is more costly than speaking out." I believe this is situational however, it is always important to be honest about beliefs. Beliefs are a part of who we are and can be the deciding factor between good and bad. Honesty is a key factor to live by and being honest with oneself could be the first encouragment to stand up for what we believe in. "Stand up, don't sit down." I have learned overtime that being involved in the areas I am most passionate about have been the most rewarding. They have had such a positive impact in my life and have changed me forever. We are all so blessed for everything we have and it is so amazing that the simpliest thing to us could be life changing for someone else.

The United States is known as an individualist culture because we are always focused on "I." We are selfish and put ourselves before all others. For this to change, people have to step out of their comfort zone and think about others and their needs. People have the choice everyday to make a difference or sit down and wait until someone else steps up. If everyone did that, it would be too late. Slice is the perfect opportunity to find those things we are passionate about. Those things that will encourage us to make a difference and focus on the changes that are crucial to improve this world. When we try to hide from the world and it's problems, we take the easy way out.

A time in the past when I should of stuck up for myself was when I got a scholarship to a Christian school in California to play soccer. I was so excited coming home from the visit but when I went to my first soccer practice after I got back, my friends put down the idea. They said how lame the school sounded and I let them change how I felt, instead of standing strong behind my faith and decisions. This was when I was still a child in faith and was easily swayed. I now know how to stand my ground and stick up for what I believe in. We have the power of voice for a reason and should use it whenever possible!


Enrique Cardon said...

Faith is definitely something that is hard to stand by sometimes. I am catholic, so I am always hearing things about people knocking my religion. It is especially hard to hear things from freinds, because they are apparently the ones who are supposed to stick by you. I admire your abilitity to stand by your faith.

I also agree with your statement of our individualistic culture. I know there are times when people put themselves first, but hopefully we can inspire others to take lead, just as we are going to do with SLICE.

Ana Chandler said...

Great Job Ashlee I didn't know about the college story though. You are an amazing athlete and your faith is truly strong for the generation we live in. I am happy though that you have leaned to stand up for yourself you have a lot of great opinions to offer the world.

Dr. V said...

I agree with you and sometimes it can be trying but if I truly believe in something I will keep doing it. For example, I volunteer with St. Vincent de Paul. Every month I see the same people and I sometimes get discouraged but then when one of my families gets out of poverty, I cry and think I made a differnce, even if it was small or sorta insignificant.

Society today is the ME generation and very materialist!!

Anna Mann said...

Well said!
True in all points.
I too can be swayed, but I believe faith is the one area that you should know and feel comfortable in defending.