Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Another Blog Post

I grew up in church. I've been going since I was three days old, so naturally that has influenced me a lot. My parents have been working in a church's preschool program since long before they got married, and so that showed me how important it was to serve as well. I have been working in the preschool program at my church now for 6 years, starting out in my parent's classroom and branching out into several other classes as I got older. My parents helped senior citizens with home repairs and stuff like that all of the time when I was little. Though, I don't necessarily help with that it has still instilled in me to be there for those who cannot help themselves. It was because of this that I worked with handicapped students in high school.

I have always felt that sitting on the sidelines was something that I should not do. I don't want to be a fan of life, like I am a fan of the Phoenix Suns. If I were, than I would just sit back and watch the game go by, with the "refs" calling fouls on the thugs on the street and the players on other teams failing to pass the ball. That just doesn't see right to me. I want to be on the court.

As far as abilities go, I would say I'm strategic. I can figure out how things will usually play out, before they go that way, not in a "psychic" sense like predicting the future or anything, but figuring out the cause and effect of certain things. Like how people might react to a sign when written a certain way, or how what one person does could effect another. I've just always liked to look at both sides of a situation. I also try to make certain that everyone is included in everything, so no one feels left out.

Everyone in SLICE has leadership capabilities, so that would be another trait. I actually used to not think of myself as a leader. I would occasionally lead when necessary, but I never thought I was any good at it. It took my high school drama teacher, and a few other teachers at my high school to show me that. My junior year of high school, my drama teacher had us write a reflection about whether we were a leader or a follow. My response was basically that I did lead sometimes, but I chose to follow more. My senior year I was one of the more experienced techies, so I was put in charge of a ton of projects. It was through those projects that I learned that I was capable of being an effective leader. At the end of my senior year she gave us a folder of all of the assignments we had done that semester. On one of the assignments we had recently completed she wrote in all caps "You are a leader." That is one thing I will never forget. My experience in high school drama taught me a lot.

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Alyssa Huff said...

I loved your comparison to just being a fan in life and being a fan of the Phoenix Suns! Well said and I completely agree that you just have to "get in the game of life!"

I also really liked how you shared your growth just in the past year of your leadership capabilities!

Good job!