Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It seems like in our community, sometimes activists get a bad wrap. Also that we envision a crowd of crazy, angry extremist when we think of the word activist. It is like not trying would be much easier because "we can't make a difference anyway". That's how many people I've come in contact with think. I'm one to believe that if I really want something then I should at least try and see. If what I want didn't turn out, at least I tried and can try again or try a new way. I'm not much of a public speaker myself but I feel way more comfortable expressing myself when people aren't looking at me, ready to counteract my words. Maybe I could reach people electronically and provide information and help they need for whatever I would be helping with.


Ana Chandler said...

Good blog, it is great that you can identify your strengths. But maybe instead of thinking that people are getting ready to conteract you opinions, let you opinions be heard publicly so that you can make a point and stand up for what you believe in because people will always judge us but maybe what you have to say will change someones opinion!!

Enrique Cardon said...

Glad to hear you are persistent. I know many times that I have thrown in the metaphorical towel, just because I did not succeed. Hopefully in this class we can count on each other to help us get through, even if we do not always prevail.