Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aesop’s Fables

I believe stories have a special power within themselves because these can teach us valuable lessons that we might never learn from our own limited personal experiences. These stories can be from different places and these can make us think, reflect and understand others. Stories can take us to different times, and situations and therefore, I think in order to take something positive from these, one must not only listen but also, one must learn from it.

Stories can also explain concepts that could be hard to comprehend. For example, a concept that seems very abstract to me because I have never personally seen or experienced something similar to that magnitude is segregation. Reading different stories of people that lived through it and also listening songs about it not only made me understand in profundity their daily lives but also, it made me become more appreciative of all the hard work of leaders that fought against this injustice. (A song that really helped me understand the life of people during that time is Mountains O’ things of Tracy Chapman)

I remember that when I was child, my classmates and I used to get reading assignments of the great Aesop’s Fables. This fables or stories did teach us different moral and ethical values and I’m glad that I was able to learn from them when little because now as I grow up, I can start using what I have learned in my daily life. If only more people could learn since little to really listen stories, probably we could promote more compassion and solidarity in our society.

A story that I have already shared on my last blog is an example of one of the stories of my own life helped me become aware of the necessity of people to become involved in society. If more people could only listen clearly the message of the different stories not only we could become more sensible about the lives of others but also, we could help change the way things are in order to have a better world.

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ricardoreyes said...

I also remember reading Aesop's fables!! =]
your post took me back to my childhood! domo arigato mr. roboto!