Wednesday, February 11, 2009

“Trying to leave the world a little better than you found it…”

One lesson that I have learned from my parents as well as from church is that even though there exists much sadness in the world, there exists unlimited ways in which one can make a positive difference with our actions. For example, I remember that when I was 11 years old, I was part of a youth singing group of a church nearby my house. One day, the leader of our group told us different stories about children who worked along with their parents in order to eat. They could not make much money and therefore many of those families lived in rural areas and in really poor conditions. These children were not going to receive any gifts from “Santa” and they were definitely not going to celebrate Christmas at all. As a group, we wanted to change that and therefore for several months we collected money as well as toys for all those children. On December 24th of 1999, we went to their communities with lots of paneton (fruitcake) as well as hot chocolate and other food items in order to give all the things we had prepared for them. (Paneton and chocolate because that is what people in my country usually eat during Christmas time). We spent all day long sharing stories with them, eating, singing as well as playing with them. I remember that day as a special day not only because I was able to see many smiley faces but also because, I realized that I wanted more days like that one day, and in order for me to help others such as those children, I had study and prepare myself so I would have something to give and offered to them.

I do believe that if one gets involved, one can contribute for a better world in different ways. The quote from Cornel West that I have as a title really means a lot to me because it summarizes the role that I want to accomplish during my lifetime. I have lots to learn but I think with perseveration as well responsibility, all the different goals that I have set to help others will be accomplished.


ricardoreyes said...

your story is great! you are really a modest and helpful person! =]

Dr. V said...

I love the picture! I agree with Ricardo about your story. Being a young person what a difference you could make had a lifelong effect on you. Is it an E or A in effect? I never know.