Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Loeb's quote speaks only truth. How would anyone gain any knowledge without being told a story. Humanity learns through stories, but sometimes they are not so obvious. Everyday we go to class we are being told a story. It may be a traditional story told in history class, or it could be a story in a science, just told in more technical terms. Other important stories come from a moral standing outside the classroom. Moral stories teach us from right and wrong, which is the most important story of all. It teaches us to care, to love, to reach out and help others. Without these stories we would have no compassion for the people and the world we live in.

There are an infinite amount of stories that I could tell others about my life that would also show how my views about society were shaped. My papa was the one who told me many stories that molded my views of society. He worked through some of the toughest times that any one person could do, yet he was still so loving and caring to his family. He built his own house, with his own hands and I also helped(however I only got to hammer nails because I was young). Seeing him build his own house showed me that you can't wait for things to just happen, you have to go out in the world and actually make it happen yourself and with others that want to help. Even though my papa has passed away from cancer, his stories still live on through me, and I still learn from them everyday. Stories surround us and teach us about life, and they will always be passed on through each and everyone of us.

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Dr. V said...

Get involved in Relay! You would love the experience and it will help you remember your papa. I agree with what you said about stories. It helps us reach others and learn.