Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Do what's right for you.

In our current time, it has become more prevelant that people move about and carry on their lives without choosing to acknowledge the world or the people that surround them. The struggles we as people and the world as a whole face seem distant becuase there are few who want to talk about them. It is almost as if, since most of society has taken the option not to address public issues vocally they do not exist or rather certain issues will resolve themselves given time.

It has become apparent that changes need to be made, and everyone needs to take action. There is truth in Mr. Loeb's statement and probably a far greater one than most people want to admit. Deeply embedded in every person is the desire to help achieve a common goal. Whether the goal is peace, a cleaner community, or to banish racism the passion behind every person's want and need for fulfillment is equal. When people choose to ignore their desires no-not just their desires- their base needs, they are giving up on themselves.

After accepting failure for so long people begin to see it as their only choice, and they give up hope. They give up ever truly wanting to better themselves becuase they believe nothing that they do could even marginally impact anybody.

What everyone needs to do is what is right for them. I am not saying to go out and rally or become the voice of a congregation. All that I am suggesting is that people put themselves out in the world to experience life by working for a cause. When people become active in a cause they see as just it gives them purpose, and everybody needs that.

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Dr. V said...

I agree with you but I know sometimes it is very discouraging to have to speak and fight for your opinions all of the time. I recently went to visit friends in Pennsylvania. They were asking me about the "illegals" who come across the border. I told them we depend on many of these people because they tend to do the jobs "we" as Americans think are to degrading. I said, who do you think picked much of the fruit and vegetables you are eating. Not white people. This is back breaking work...I told them that these people have the same desire to make a decent wage and support their families but because they came to American at the end of a century, it's harder to get what they want and we make more different. Our same forefathers should of had to go through the same processes..... These people have hope though.