Sunday, February 22, 2009

Listen to me!

The statement made by the author can be interpreted in many different ways. Here is what I think it means… As humans, we can only experience so much in this world. With so many events and opportunities, there are only so many that we will be able to experience. By allowing ourselves to listen to the stories of others, we are able to experience things that we may not have been able to experience otherwise. We hear learn what they learned, and in turn become more enlightened because of it. Also, by listening to others, we may be able to see things in a completely different angle. When experiencing, we may only see it a certain way. By listening to what others have to say, we see how they saw things. This helps us learn that there are other perspectives other than our own. Then, we are able to enrich our own stories, or share the views of those who have shared them with us.

Since I am fairly young, I do not really feel like I have experienced too much worth telling. I guess the only things I would really write about is my experiences in SLCE. The reason for this, is that I think that it has been the most enlightening experience I have had. Not only has SLICE taught me how to be a leader, but it has also taught me to give of myself, and that every little bit counts. I now understand that it is important to help out in ones community, cause if I don’t, then there will not be a community to share. By working in Phoenix and in San Diego, I learned that there is so much more to life than just the day to day shuffle that we all usually experience.

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Lewis Jr. said...

Right on Engrique I totally agree with your blog. However, I am young and I feel that there is plenty I could tell of my experiences so far. In comparison to older individuals my experiences are small, but significant to me.

Lewis Jr. said...

Oops. I spelled your name wrong. It's spelled Enrique. My sincerest apologies.

Anna Mann said...

I totally agree with you about the different perspectives. Everyone looks at the world through their own special lense, and hearing the stories of others can allow that person to view the same situation through a different lense. Therefore, they learn new things and grow as a result. I am all about the learning and growing. :)