Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Worth of Another's Tale

Stories have a value that is outside of any means of measuring that we know. The effect that one's tale can impose on others is beyond limitations. In just a matter of emotions and words, we can effectively accomplish great feats of previously assumed impossibilities, motivating others on the common grounds that we are all human and therefore linked. Some stories can be about great accomplishments, filled with happiness and joy that are used to lift spirits and offer encouragement. Other stories are those of extreme pressures that move to break our spirits and strip us of whom we are. Such stories often affect the listeners in stronger ways than many other forms of testimony as somewhere inside all humans is a part of us that wishes for a good life for all of us. I believe that this innate desire for a justice lies in all of us, regardless of how deeply it may or may not be hidden. Loeb touches on this when he writes about "the recognition that our fates are fundamentally linked to other people...our choices do change the world." For some, they may never even realize that they harbored such strong, passionate feelings for others they've never thought a second about until they come to here the stories of these strangers, of those in sufferings. But when that is awoken inside of any individual, that God given love for humanity, then that individual's life is undeniably changed, and I believe that that change is for the better. So share your stories! They do you well to tell them and who knows what effects they might have on the listeners!

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Enrique Cardon said...

I think this is a great comment. I did not even think about stories that are used to break our spirits. Do you think those stories are as important as the ones that inspire us?