Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Week 3 Blog Post

We have been told stories and parables throughout our lives that teach of experiences of other people's failures and successes to help guide us onto a straighter path. Loeb writes "other people's stories can expand our view of the world" to help broaden our experiences by hearing how the other people have conducted their lives.

I feel Loeb is wanting us to do our research, sorta like my fellow environmentalist Steph's blog title, but also celebrate in the successes through social involvement and the outcomes it brings. Hearing someone's story about how they acted in a similar situation can help to improve your chance of success, Ghandi used nonviolence to bring the people of South Africa their civil rights, and fifty years later MLK armed his movement with the same principles that he learned from Ghandi to achieve civil rights to all Americans. Beyond the hearing of methods people used for success, I agree with Feven when she wrote "stories change lives and motivate people to get involved." People can use the inspiration that comes with a success story to get involved in their own community. Like Loeb's story of Virginia Ramirez who led her community in getting her community's repair funds back after her elderly neighbor died from the cold.

In my own life, I don't tell stories about my experiences, I am 19 and the hardships of life haven't really hit me yet. I have experienced more than most 19 year oldsand have had a better view of involvement than a lot of other people my age, but as for a story that would motivate and inspire people to get socially invovled, I don't have one, just haven't lived long enough yet. Stories that shape my view of social/political involvement are from my dad, or other people I know. Mostly standing firm and asking hard questions, not neccesarily to others, but making sure that you have a firm grasp on why you believe what you believe. I am taking this SLICE calss for exactly that purpose.

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Miss Chris said...

"but as for a story that would motivate and inspire people to get socially involved, I don't have one..."
Ha! I believe each one of us has a story to tell, regardless of how trivial or insignificat you may think it is. By the end of March you will have so many motiviating stories to tell and I'll want to hear them all (over stained wood, power tools and sunscreen).