Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking Baby Steps To Who You Are Today!!

Every since I was a little girls my parents have put me in every sporting event, social event and musical event. I have been raised to be comfortable with being involved. Which trust me I have no grudges towards. Being adopted though this is more then I could have possible ask for. Through my church, school and home life I have had people supporting me, giving me the since of right and wrong based on the values I was being taught. Being raised in a christian home I was brought up always being involved in my community. Then in my schools they had programs stating in 5Th grade that allowed me to be involved with the school which then reached out to the community.

I think that this was all very important, the support I got as a child was phenomenal and knowing that my life could have been a lot different before my adoption made me very glad to be raised in the home that I was raised in. Like we had briefly discussed in class last Friday I think it is great that kids start getting involved as early as possible so that they can be aware of what is going on in our communities and they can begin to appreciate what they have. As we also discussed in class there may not be many options for kids at a younger age to get involved because organizations have a hard time letting younger children in but I think that they're should be school organizations that can get the kids involved at an earlier state. Again so they can be aware of the world around them plus I've found that I am more appreciative of what I have because I see how bad my life could be, so this would allow kids to become more confident in who they are and be who they want to be.

My strongest attribute to social activism is leadership. I love being able to lead groups towards a good cause and accomplishing what the task at hand is. Social activism is becoming a more permanent statue in my life and I feel that me being confident in my leadership skills will help me go far in what I want to accomplish. I also feel that I have the communication skills to do so too. I am very good at listening to other people and being open minded to what I think because this is truly how you can find the truth about things you are studying by not only listening to fact but to personal experiences that allow you to see situations in a different light. I think that many people can be leaders though not in the since of stating up for what they believe and speaking out above everyone. But they can defiantly be leaders by educating themselves and others. And not judging what they see everyday but taking different aspects of life and finding their true story. Leaders aren't born but they can defiantly be made. Everyone has a leadership personality in them some just shine a little more then others.


Dr. V said...

Loved the color but I'm getting old... the font was small. I'm glad you put leadership. You do have this quality but I also think you are very open-minded. You are willing to play devils-advocate by stating both views and believing not one side is always right.

Anna Mann said...

I agree with the open-mind! It is a good, strong quality :)

Israel Montero said...

"The seeds of great discoveries are constantly floating around, but they only take root in minds well prepared to receive them."
Joseph Henry

It is a great quality, one that is closed minded thinks it is finished... Great Job! :)