Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jeremy has the greatest blog post ever!

Let's just start with everyone agreeing that Jeremy's blog post was most likely the greatest blog in blog history, probably the greatest thing written off Skywalker Ranch!

Anyways, these chapters were packed with great stories of perseverance and "The Patchwork Citizen" in chapter 3 I related to very much. I like how psychologist Lillian Rubin describes us as a layered self.
Shrek says "ogres are like onions...we both have layers!" I like this because the layers, or new/previous selves change us but we adapt into a collective soul that has grown from all the experienced we have had. These experiences are from the messages we get in life from various sources through out life. Messages I have gotten have been amplified lately due to all the political unrest and criminal activity in my neighborhood. My community has always silently urged everyone to mind their business, even it further buries the community. My father has always urged to be aware of the issues surrounding us, "it's the government's job to make sure we obey the laws, but it's our DUTY to make sure they obey them too." Though speaking against popular belief can be costly in my neighborhood, the Internet is a great way to spread concern. Also a few years back, before I started school, I spent the week at my church summer bible program for kids up to 5th grade, I was just on the recreation (recess) crew but it was great to be the fun part of the kids day knowing that at least they would come back for the fun tomorrow and hear the good news.

The particular traits or abilities I have vary and the most obvious would be a more physical presence. I am a very hard worker, and as such I can help in more laborious tasks. I am also a very skilled writer, I have always written very well, I don't know why, I just naturally have been able to write.

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