Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What can I do??

When I was younger, I attended a small Lutheran school who had a total of about 300 students, K-8. We were very small and had limited resources to work with when it came to helping out our community. We did simple things such as clean up the side walks and clean up the parks that were within walking distance. Sometimes we set up booths to raise supplies for the needy and we sang at nurseries at Christmas time.

Although we were just kids trying to help out, I realize now that we were merely doing what was capable of us at that time. No, I didn't raise 100's of dollars for the homeless, I didn't get to witness a family who dealt with domestic violence or sickness, but I did what I could. I believe we all have abilities to help out in some way. No matter what it is, big task or small, helping is helping. For me, I have always been able to relate well with others and be able to break the ice right away, for another, they may be able to design posters that will get people's attention. Everyone is different and I believe that we all can help out in our own way. The outcome may be different for others but what matters is that we go out and do what we can to make this world a better place to live in. Anyone and everyone can help.



Derick the Crowell said...

It is great that despite the small size of your school you all still made an effort to improve your community. As Loeb writes about, we must not think that any contribution is "small." No matter what, something is still much more than nothing!

Very applicable cartoon btw. ;)

Dr. V said...

Little things add up to bigger things and sometimes those little things are what make the difference.

Israel Montero said...

This reminds me of a comment made by a student on last year’s class on our trip. Someone mentioned that they felt that the job was small and felt that they weren’t accomplishing much. What he failed to understand that on moment was that he was making a greater impact without even knowing it. His presence there meant allot to the community and to the people. His presence created hope and inspiration among the people. Like Dr. V stated its not about the big things but the small things that sometimes makes a difference. Thank you for bringing that up. Great job!