Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tyler Durden

First of all I'd like to say that it sucks probably being the last one to post because it was about impossible finding the question.
But anyways...I believe you'll never get the full picture until you involve yourself. I experience this, of all places, in high school. I was in the NJROTC program for my four years (and as far as I'm considered, I did my time), but even though I was heavily involved in the program and leadership, I still knew I was missing out on other opportunities. I was in and out of the school newspaper for a few years, and that was a good excuse for me to get away from the rotc group, but that's all I was doing with it, just using it as an excuse. It wasn't until I got involved in the theatre that I really experienced high school for what I'll remember it as, I just regret it was only 1 year, but it was my senior year.
I spent many hours, and days, creating sets, practicing lines, running through tech work. I've always tried to be the "Jack of all trades," constantly trying new things and doing endless training, but it always came in handy because I could always find a use for myself, as well as others finding a use for me as well. I educated myself in skills such as leather crafting, woodwork, metal fab, writing, photography, martial arts, mechanical knowledge, botany, computer craft (hardware and 3D design) and others I probably forgot I can do.
As referring to my post title, for those of you who do not know either the book or movie titled Fight Club by author Chuck Palahniuk. He was two great men in one, an extraordinary business man and a resourceful entrepreneur, bother coming together with a split personality disorder.
Both of these characters came together and used their skill together to create an order with a similar cause (though one was obviously not fully aware of the other's intentions). Some might not agree well with my example, but I look at in a view where this man used his skills to create an order of people with a similar cause and accomplished world changing events.
And sorry for being so late...


bowker3273 said...

I like how you incorporated your own life circumstances. I think its important to know who you are based on where you came from. Trying new things is always a plus.

On the flip side. Why are you so late posting. I called everyone Wed. morning and reminded you guys. I will be "darned" if someone in my group is going to be late on a deadline. If I have to get to your house and force you to do it I will. Im not above beating you. lol

... but seriously.


Derick the Crowell said...

heh, very interesting metaphor ;)

Tzim said...

you called me?