Friday, February 6, 2009

Speak Up or Forever Live in Fear

I personally believe that Loeb's quote talks about the rage and frustration that people build up inside themselves to never be seen or heard of like nothing was wrong, but makes you feel like next to nothing when thought about subconsciously. I feel if you have a problem or something you need to share, get off your mind, then you should definitely elucidate your concerns. A lot of people think that explaining their idea wouldn't matter anyway, so they keep quiet and build up the anger inside. They think that there's no way only one person could make a difference or an impact on the topic, even though they want to help out, so the hide their anger once gain. They hide so much anger that they finally start to wonder what's their purpose here. Why are their so many problems and nobody will act out and help. Then they start to go through depression and it just progressively gets worse. Or they hide it until one day they blow up.

The thing that people don't realize is one person does make a difference and one person can change the outcome of certain situations. So don't be the person that hides from there fear of being rejected be the person that believes they can change the world with the simple commitment of speaking out and sharing their ideas.

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