Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Underneath the Surface

Social activism can be hard to achieve when you are not in a welcoming community. I encountered this is high school in the National Honors Society. I was inducted in my sophomore year, which is the first year you are eligible to be inducted. The requirement to graduate to have the club on your transcript was 100 hours of community service. However, none of the teachers were helpful in providing any ideas or places to do the volunteering. Most of the students were not helpful either, they would just stick up their noses at the word volunteer. Many students refused the National Honors Society invitation until senior year, when you only needed 25 hours of community service. I felt so disappointed in these people, they only wanted the label of being in the National Honors Society, but without all the hard work that goes into it. It was very frustrating seeing all of these two-faced people(sorry for the cliche) who were not willing to do something that would help their community. Even though I didn't have very much help, I still went above and beyond. I accomplished over 500 hours of community service through volunteering for the YMCA, tutoring younger kids, and helping homeless shelters. Even though social activism is hard to achieve in an unwilling community, there is always a way to overcome it all.

I love helping little kids on school work, I would say that is my best quality in social activism. There are so many other qualities that other volunteers have, and that is what I wish to learn from everyone at slice, so I can give more of myself to multiple causes instead of just one specialized area.

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