Thursday, February 26, 2009

my thoughts...

I believe that he is trying to say, we personally can only experience just so much and go through only a small number of events. So, by listening to others stories, we can learn even more. We all need to listen to our peers and relive some of their experiences with them. Us, by ourselves, we cannot learn all there is to know, but we can learn more from others!

I believe my biggest experience that changed my views on community involvement occurred only about a year ago. I have always been somewhat involved in my community and I always did a little community service here and there. However, about a year ago I was asked to take a tour of a small school that was for underprivileged children. Of course, me being the kid lover that I am, I was extremely excited for the tour. But, when I walked through the gates of the school, I immediately fell in love! All of the kids came over and said hi with the biggest smile on their faces and I could see how much they enjoyed people visiting and coming to see them. Needless to say, I was back the next day as a school volunteer and I am still currently volunteering there and love every minute of it.

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