Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a good story never dies

There is so much a story can tell you. It can create a world of magic and fantasy. It can also open one’s eyes to things never thought possible. The author really makes a great job at presenting a vast amount of inspirational stories made by every day people. It’s very important to notice that any story told is only successful if it’s listened. Our world’s history is made up of stories that have been recorded since the early days for anyone to view. But in order for these stories to be successful, they have to be heard, seen, or read. One must listen to any story that is presented us. Any story can ignite one’s interest and understanding. Even if the story doesn’t impact us directly, it might impact a person close to us. That’s why every story must be heard and understood. By doing this, one can learn the answers to so many questions. I believe that every life is a story. This story is made up of thousands of other stories that describe a person’s life. I don’t think I have a story that would sum up my own life because my story is still on the making and I still have lots of stories to listen and experience. Hopefully my story and the stories of those around me have a great ending because a good story never dies.


Miss Chris said...

I love your commen: ...that any story told is only successful if it’s listened.

This is so true. Your insight and inspiring words are a story in themselves. I look forward to listening to your stories. I may even share one or two if you ask.

Enrique Cardon said...

I completely agree with you. There are so many amazing stories out there that can inspire people for so many different reasons. Also, I am sure the story of your life is quite interesting already,even if it still is a work in progress.