Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Step Up

Growing up I moved around a bit, but it seemed that whatever community I was in, there were always different ways to get involved. With it just being my mom and I, I started to get involved with some things with her. She started getting me into the Relay for Life when I was really little, and now it has become a Huge part of my life. Everyone that is involved with it is so welcoming and passionate about trying to make a difference in the world when it comes to cancer. All because of that one family member getting me involved with the community, I am now able to get more family members, people from my church, and friends in the community involved with it to help out any way possible. I think that everone shows that it is so important to become involved, because it is like a chain reaction. Once one person stand up and becomes involved in something, there are more people who are likely to stand up and become involved as well. It all starts with just taking those baby steps to become the person who can step up and make a difference.

Some of the things about myself that are able to help me with particular causes I think, are that I love working with kids. It could be any kind of thing, but I know that I will always be willing to help out with them. Also, I love to listen and talk with people, hear there stories about life and what not, I think that the communication one-on-one can help with any type of cause.


Dr. V said...

You do Relay??? Didn't know that or that your passionate about it... Get the others in class passionate about it.. maybe we should have a team.

Derick the Crowell said...

Hehehe. Prepare for this year's team to reach a new pinnacle of awesomeness!

My favorite part of your post is your mention of the chain reaction, as this is a concept I brood on regularly.

Israel Montero said...

Awesome! I believe in the chain reaction, one has to take the first step before others will follow. Unfortunately that’s how it is but on the bright side this class if full of people willing to take that first step in making a change. Great Job!