Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Silence hurts you on the Inside

I agree with this quote with all my being. I have seen people who do not interact with society and keep to themselves, you can actually see that they have lost their soul. I work in a pharmacy and I see this on a daily basis. The people who keep to themselves find it very hard to interact with me or the pharmacist when they really need help, but are to afraid to ask for it. They are staying in silence and it not only hurts them psychologically but physically.

It is much better to always speak out then stay silent. I have experienced silence and it does hurt you on the inside and the people that you could have helped. There have been little issues in my life where I have kept silent because I am a small person so I feel that my voice is small and won't be heard. I have never been with the in crowd either, I was always the one in high school who did all her work, and read my book when I was done. I didn't want to speak out because it was the cool kids who controlled everything, so when I thought something needed to be changed for the better of the students, the popular students would usually disagree because they didn't care about academics.

However, starting college has help my overcome the obstacle of silence. There are so many teachers and students who care about the causes that I do. Just like Virginia got help from the COPS to speak out, I got help from the college community to help me speak out. Today I speak out because staying silent only hurts yourself and those around you.


Derick the Crowell said...

But what about an instance where, say, someone is not informed or knowledgeable about a situation but is driven by emotion to speak anyway? They may discredit themselves or their position. While I understand where you're coming from and agree with the spirit of your view, I feel there are times when it is better to stay silent.

Kelsey Hughes said...


I definitely can relate to you on your high school situation as well. Sometimes I wished that I was more social and had a ton of friends. But I seemed to be the quiet one that everyone like to cheat off of or only talked to me if they wanted help with their school work. College is such a different scene for most of us especially because of the variety of our ages and levels of maturity. You are a very sweet girl and we are so fortunate to have you in our group!