Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dumbo "the elephant"

Wow...there were just a few questions in that blog :) "Other people's stories can expand our view of the world," can be interpreted in many different ways. I think many people tend to be very narrow minded sometimes and stories can greatly influence them in a positive way. Stories can open up their mind to a whole new world. We only have a short time on this earth, some shorter than others, and need to experience as much as possible. Just because we don't experience something first hand, doesn't mean we can't live through someone else's story. Those are some of the most important aspects of our culture or any culture for that matter. The stories that are passed down from one generation to the next. These are the memories that can live on. Stories can also teach us right from wrong. Stories of success and failure can help us to better shape our lives to have meaning.

I think there is a reason we were given one mouth and two ears. We will get a lot more out of life by closing our mouths and opening our ears. Listening to others will help us find our true passion and calling. When you are not listening, you are not learning. When you are not listening, you are preventing opportunity. When you are not listening, there is nothing new. If people wish to live life to the fullest, then listening is vital. I also think that listening to the key to lasting relationships. We cannot have a strong bond with someone if we do not choose to listen. We cannot be educated if we do not choose to listen. Knowledge is gained by opening our ears and listening to everyone around us.

I have been involved in community service since a very young age. My dad started a rehabilitation center for birds of prey called "Liberty Wildlife," before I was even born. I started volunteering there with him when I was around the age of seven. I had silly jobs but was saving the real volunteers a great deal of time. I volunteered there for many years until I started competitive sports. Then, sports took over my life. However, I have gone back many times since, even though blood and guts is not really my thing. I am so thankful to my dad for getting me involved at such a young age. I know he has greatly influenced my desire to serve the community today!


Anna Mann said...

"When you are not listening, you are not learning. We cannot be educated if we do not choose to listen. Knowledge is gained by opening our ears and listening to everyone around us."

Well said! I totally agree! I am all for learning and growing :))

Tzim said...

That's an adorable picture! Good way to show your point =)

Matthew Landen said...

Yes, a few too many questions. :)

I agree with what you when you say that the stories passed down carry great importance. In some instances these can be the greatest and most educating experiences of all. I also like how you compare learning from our experience compared to what we learn from the experiences of others. We can only do so much so we must rely on others to learn something new.

Miss Chris said...

Hear. Hear.
That's 'cheers' and 'well-said' in case you were wondering! Excellent post Ashlee.

Dr. V said...

I didn't know your dad started Liberty Wildlife? I love that organization. I agree with you because you have to listen with two ears and get the whole meaning before you make judgments. So many people filter out what they don't know and care about.

Enrique Cardon said...

one mouth and two ears! I love it! I never thought of that. It definitely feels like some people have 15 mouths and only half an ear, but maybe through out own stories we can help to make them into better listeners.